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The online care gateway that delivers all your personalised care needs in one place

We ensure our users' journey with care is easy, safe and community-based.


The care sector is in the frontline due to COVID-19

There is unprecedented pressure to maintain safety for staff and residents. Those accessing care have been stripped of their ability to see family and enjoy leisure activities. The need to access alternative care solutions is more prevalent than ever. Presently, people are not able to visit help centres and care homes.

Addressing current and future needs created by COVID-19

  • Our Goal

    We have come together to address current and future needs created by COVID-19 and other emerging health issues by developing a care gateway for care workers, users and their families.

  • Key benefits

    You can benefit from the ability to access care services including new and innovative solutions ‘all in one place’, in a more informed, safer, easier and community-based platform.

Who we are helping

"Thanks to Care Access we have been able to connect with care homes and help them mitigate the impact of COVID-19 by reducing the risk of infection from airborne virus."
John Wilton-Davies
Managing Director

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