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Our team was created in response to COVID-19, with a shared purpose. 

How can we help the most vulnerable people in our society and the people that look after them?

A team with a mighty ambition

Our team is made up of NHS care professionals, care industry experts, charity workers, care workers, IT specialists, marketers, designers and other advisors.

Care homes will benefit
Care workers supported 
1 Million
Residents and families will be advised

Positive impacts on society and the economy

Our objectives are to have a positive impact on society and the economy. 

Impacts on society

Informed decision making, with transparent, relevant and independent information
Reduced impact of isolation by giving individuals access to products and services that improves communication  
Time saved by creating easier access to care products and services 
An online care support community. Promoting essential care services. 
Reduced mental and physical health impact of diseases such as COVID-19 by reducing frustration, fear, anxiety and depression.

Impacts on the economy

Increasing confidence in the care sector.
Improving safety. 
Increasing product sales. 
Reducing private and public health care costs.
 Increase market competition.